Style Blue Blocking Glasses

Price: AUD $67.50

Custom designed blue light blocking glasses not only block blue light, but make you look good while doing it!

These glasses feature a custom designed SunDown dark amber lens which blocks all blue light from 380-500nm and all green light from 500-530nm from electronic devices - without distorting your vision.

Compared to other common blue light blocking glasses which do not block enough of the blue and green wavelengths, the SunDown lens is much more effective at reducing the harmful effects of blue light and improving your sleep.

**Included with the premium glasses is a quality vinyl carry case and lens cloth.


Lens - 53mm
Bridge - 17mm
Arms - 140mm

BlockBlueLight style features:
- Blocks all blue light from 380-500nm, and all green light from 500-530nm
- Premium style frames
- Impact and scratch resistant
- Vinyl carry case and lens cloth
- Specifically designed to help you sleep by blocking harmful UV and blue and green light
- Use after sunset when you are exposed to artificial light, to enjoy improved quality of sleep