ReefAsta Natural Astaxanthin 60 capsules

Price: AUD $44.95

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that can relieve inflammation and reduce free radical damage to body cells. Sustainably produced in Australia, ReefAsta™ is ideal for people looking for high-quality astaxanthin derived from a natural source.

- Supports cognitive function
- Helps enhance physical performance
- Supports healthy cardiovascular system function
- Maintains skin health, firmness and hydration
- Helps maintain healthy cholesterol
- Relieves inflammation

ReefAsta™ is Australia’s first and only naturally derived astaxanthin supplement formulated using Australian-grown algae.

Each ReefAsta™ astaxanthin capsule contains: astaxanthin esters extracted from Haematoccus pluvialis (fresh algae) 120 mg equivalent to astaxanthin 6 mg.

ReefAsta is one of nature’s antioxidants and helps reduce free radical damage to body cells.