PPC Herbs Stress Plex 200ml

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Stress typically describes a negative concept that can have an impact on one’s mental and physical well-being, but it is unclear what exactly defines stress and whether or not stress is a cause, an effect, or the process connecting the two. Stress invokes a different response in each individual but usually involves any emotional, physical, social, economic or environmental response or change.

Anxiety and mood disturbances including anger, aggression and irritability
Poor Cognitive Function, Concentration and Attention.
Trouble remembering things and difficulty making decisions
Inability to cope and feeling overwhelmed
Poor Sleep and Fatigue
Run Down and Low Immunity
Digestive disturbances including diarrhoea and indigestion
Appetite disturbances such as poor appetite or over eating of “comfort foods”
Musculoskeletal tension
Increased alcohol or tobacco use

Stress Plex is a relaxing, calming and gentle herbal mixture to help relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety.

Stress Plex combines the following blend of traditional Herbs consisting of:
St John’s Wort flowering tops is useful for mild anxiety, nervous tension, restlessness, irritability and in the management of mood swings and stress disorders.
Lemon Balm leaf assists with sleep disturbances and irritability.
Passion flower leaf is calming, mildly sedating and helps promote sleep.
Skullcap leaf is a nervous system tonic, relieves tension and is mildly sedating.

Each 2mL contains dry herb equivalent to:
St.John’s Wort flowering top, Hypericum perforatum 250mg
Lemon Balm leaf, Melissa officinalis 250mg
Passion flower leaf, Passiflora incarnata 250mg
Skullcap leaf, Scutellaria lateriflora 250mg

Adult: 2-5mL three times daily in water or juice.
Child (3-12 years): 1-3mL three times daily in water or juice.
Shake bottle well before use

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. St John’s Wort affects the way some prescription medicines work, including the oral contraceptive pill. Consult your doctor. Contains Ethanol.