Sacred Cow Ghee 270g

Price: AUD $15.50

Sacred Cow Ghee is an ancient Ayurvedic oil with its roots deeply engraved in traditional healing and spiritual growth, literally worshiped by its followers and passed down through the lineages.

- Calms the mind, balances all 3 doshas
- Increases the digestive fire & the ability to absorb food.
- Supports your immune system (Ojas) as well as life force (Prana), while nourishing all tissue (Dhatus).
- Increases intelligence and improves memory while lubricating the organs & connective tissues.
- Ghee increases strength, lustre & beauty of the body, slows the aging process to improve longevity!

Sacred Cow Ghee is unlike any other ghee on the market.
Made from possibly the finest butter in the world, we take great care in the traditionalpreparation methods. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail is reflected in this product.

Ghee is predominantly a saturated fat, with a smoke point of 252C, that makes it the perfect cooking oil that resists rancidity.
Any Cooking, baking or frying. Add to smoothies, cakes, coffee. B creative!

Certified organic New Zealand pasture raised butter.
*This product contains dairy*