Mineralife Molybdenum 240ml

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Molybdenum Helps To Support: Is essential for the metabolism of Iron* Is essential to many enzyme systems* Supports homeostasis in the body* Enhances bone health* Immune health*

Liquid Ionic Molybdenum Supplement
*96 Day Supply*
Concentration 30 PPM or mg/L

An advanced aqueous form of Molybdenum Ions(IsoIonicâ„¢)** in clear solution for quicker absorption than tablets or capsules which must first dissolve in the digestive system before being absorbed. Patented, clinically tested professional grade CHD-Fulvic Acid has been added to further increase absorption and enhance overall well-being as fulvicacid has natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification properties.

Molybdenum: A Little-Known But Essential Trace Mineral
Trace minerals are needed in only small quantities but their importance to good health cannot be overstated. Molybdenum is a trace mineral that can assure good health and well being by providing a number of benefits:

Studies suggest that Molybdenum may help strengthen the immune system.*
Molybdenum may also help induce a restful & restorative sleep.*
There are numerous claims and studies that suggest Molybdenum helps ease arthritis symptoms.*
Molybdenum helps to eliminate toxic nitrogen waste by turning it into uric acid.*
Molybdenum may assist in weight loss. It is instrumental in maintaining the pH balance in the body which affects the oxygen level and the body's ability to burn fat.*
It is a vital part of the enzyme systems and is necessary for the proper function of certain enzyme dependent processes, especially the metabolism of Iron.*
* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Why Mineralife Molybdenum Supplement?
Prepared from a pure elemental source
Angstrom-sized, water soluble minerals (IsoIonicâ„¢) provide the greatest absorption and utilization in the body.
Formulated using our patent-pending MET water, a multi-step purified energy enhanced water that helps activate minerals into their electronically charged ionic state for maximum benefit.
Contains CHD-Fulvic Acid to enhance absorption and overall well-being.
2.5ml (1/2 cap) provides 100% of the Daily Value for Molybdenum.
8oz bottle provides 96 day supply.

**IsoIonicâ„¢ is defined as water-soluble mono-atomic mineral ions.

Molybdenum benefits and/or deficiency symptoms are generic for the mineral. No product claims are being made or implied. Research is ongoing.