Free Spirit Group Oregano Oil 30ml

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Protects and encourages resilience - minimum 80% Carvacrol Love 100% Organic Wild Oregano Oil is wild grown and hand-picked in the remote mountainous regions of south western Turkey, only one of two places in the world where the true species Origanum vulgare naturally grows wild. Rich in health promoting ingredients and vital minerals fundamental for natural wellness, the oil supports the entire body. It be taken orally and applied externally.

Love 100% Organic Wild Oregano Oil is wild grown and hand-picked in the remote mountainous regions of south western Turkey.

Scattered in the fertile lands of the most mineral-rich mountains on earth, grow the resiliant and most energetically vibrant Oregano plants, Oreganum vulgare. The ancient Greeks were amongst the first to recognise the health fortifying qualities of Oregano and assigned to the plant, the term oreganos, meaning “delight of the mountains.”

Love Wild Mediterranean Oregano is steamed distillled from this true and noble species that is renown for its premium essential oil. At peak oil production time, the aromatic flowering herbs are hand harvested and collected in the rugged mountainous landscape of Turkey by the regional Turkish men and women.

These wild grown plants, unlike inferior species that are often represented as true oregano, produce an oil that is high in Carvacrol and relatively low in thymol, giving the oil its esteemed and revered healing reputation.
Love Wild Mediterranean Oregano is sourced directly from the primary producer to ensure that it is in its purest form, unaltered and true to nature. Organic certified by Ecocert, TR.

Minimum 80% Carvacrol
Full of synergistic compounds and naturally occurring phenols and vital minerals
Blended with organic olive oil

Instructions For Use
This oil can be used both externally, applied directly on to the skin (patch test first) or taken as a food oil for maintaining good health and overall wellbeing.
The health giving benefits of wild oregano are attributed to its natural balance of constituents – high Carvacrol and relatively low thymol which are scientifically known to be antiseptic and antioxidant agents. Also present, are powerful esters which are known to be anti-fungal agents.
As the pure essential oil is too potent to use full strength, it has been blended with Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil grown in the Grampian region of Victoria.
The blended ratio of 1 part Wild Oregano oil to 4 parts Olive oil (200µL/mL) – is the European recognised standard and makes the oil ideal for the body to assimilate and take maximum advantage of its health giving properties.
However, as with all herbal oils caution should be exercised – avoid taking during pregnancy and for prolonged periods, no more than 3 weeks at a time.
More is not better. Only 1 – 5 drops up to 3 times daily will keep your body happy. May be mixed with juice or honey to make more palatable.

Wild Mediterranean Oregano: Origanum vulgare
Certified Organic Wild Oregano Oil
Origin: Turkey