Grilo Super Greens Cricket Powder 200g

Price: AUD $30.00

Grilo Go Greensect is an organic green superfood blend to detoxify and clean your body. It’s 100% natural, no added sugar, non GMO, no preservatives or artificial flavourings. Add a bit to your smoothies and juices to get all the benefits of this nourishing superfood blend.

Why do we need green superfoods?
Sometimes is important to “clean your blood” and a good way of doing that is by adding organic green superfoods to your daily diet.
Go Greensect combines the greens that will help on your body detox, eliminating toxins and the nourishing ingredients that will support your body on repairing and staying clean.
This wholesome blend is all about benefit and will improve your digestive health, boost your immune system and help to control sugar craving.

What makes this superfood blend so special?
Grilo Go Greensect is more than just another green blend on the market. It is powered with the most amazing superfood: crickets.
Crickets have 10 times more vitamin B12 than salmon, 3 times more protein than beef, 2.2 more iron than spinach and as much calcium as milk. Beside these health benefits crickets are the most sustainable protein on the Planet. They require far less water, feed and land than livestock to produce the same amount of protein.

Organic, healthy and delicious
Using all natural and 100% organic ingredients this green goodness fusion will support your body function, help eliminate toxins and boost your energy levels all at once.

Decrease sugar craving
Easy nutrient absorption
Immune your system
Easy digestion
Reduce appetite
Boost your natural energy
All essential amino acids
Speed recovery after exercise
Promotes healthy skin and hair
Assist with weight control
Optimum health
Paleo friendly

Good to know
At Grilo we believe we are what we eat. We use just the best certified organic ingredients in our products to provide people the best quality and the most complete protein powder in the market.
Ingredients: Cricket powder, Lucuma, Spirulina, Maca powder, Barley Grass, Wheat grass, Chlorella, Turmeric, Cinnamon.
• Dairy free
• Wheat free
• 100% nartural
• No preservatives
• No added sugars
• No added sweeteners
• No artificial colours
• No artificial flavours

What does our green powder taste like?
Go Greensect has a nutty and earthy wholesome flavour from crickets and a green and healthy taste from the superfoods.

How to use Go Greensect?
Add a serve of Grilo to your favourite meals, juices and smoothies recipes to immune your system with this nourishing superfood mix.