Free Spirit MegaOmega Algae Oil Omega-3 50ml

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MegaOmega is a water extracted, natural algae oil obtained from the wild-type food grade strain of Chromista marine algae (Schizochytrium sp.). This product delivers the purest, cleanest and most potent source of Omega-3s – 1000mg DHA and 10mg EPA per 2ml serving – plant based and perfectly balanced to meet your body’s needs. Just half a teaspoon a day of MegaOmega provides a super nutritional solution to what can be seen as a global epidemic – Omega-3 deficiency.

- Best Source of Omega-3 DHA
- Better than Fish Oil
- Better than Flax & Hemp Oil
- Patented water extraction method
- Environmentally responsible

Most of the population is overly exposed to Omega-6 fatty acids and very depleted in Omega-3 DHA. On average, the typical diet contains less than 100mg of DHA per day, well below the amount recommended by expert organisations around the world.
MegaOmega has the highest natural DHA level known on Earth for providing you the power Omega-3 your body uses most.
DHA does not interfere with medications and it doesn’t thin the blood.

When taking high DHA oil supplements, the liver converts DHA to EPA as much as needed within several hours. You can’t get too much DHA – what you don’t need you burn as energy. It’s how the body works.

For optimal health, the DHA in our bodies need to be raised to a favourable level to enable peak performance. So initially, more is recommended to build our reserves up to an optimum quantity and then once this is done, the serving size can be reduced by half to maintain a satisfactory DHA level. It takes approximately 6 months to raise the blood levels of DHA and 12 months to raise the tissue levels.

Adults: 2 ml per day (1/2 teaspoon)
Children: 1 ml per day (1/4 teaspoon)
For a period of six months.

Adults: 1 ml per day (1/4 teaspoon)
Children: 1/2 ml per day (1/8 teaspoon)