Dragon Herbs Wild Reishi Drops 60ml

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Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is currently recognized as one of the most important and beneficial tonic herbs in the world. Reishi has been the most revered herb in Asia since pre-historic times. Sages and emperors sought this herb to confer health, well being, good fortune and wisdom. Reishi is now widely cultivated, but Wild Reishi is very rare. It is not possible to collect very large amounts of it. It is special because it is totally natural. In the wild, it is a superb collector of Qi

It is called the “Herb of Spiritual Potency” and the “Mushroom of Immortality.”

Reishi has only been cultivated for the past thirty years. Originally, of course, Reishi was collected in the wild. The historical records only discuss Wild Reishi.

Dragon Herbs has developed a relationship with local herb collectors in the high altitude regions of Changbai Mountain, the Di Tao authentic source of Reishi. These amazing people spend their entire lives scouring the remote pristine forests looking for the rarest herbs – Wild Reishi, Wild Ginseng, Wild Schizandra, Wild Asparagus, and so on. We are fortunate to have a limited but steady supply of truly wild Reishi mushroom. These mushrooms are not planted or wildcrafted by humans. They grow where they will, where they are perfectly suited. The growing environment is extremely harsh (alpine). As a result, they develop great power.

Dragon Herbs Wild Red Reishi Drops is made from pure WILD Red Reishi Mushroom fruiting bodies. The “fruiting body” is the part that looks like a mushroom. This is exactly the same Reishi that has been revered as the “Mushroom of Immortality.” We do not use any mycelia (underground growth), and there are no additives of any sort in the production of Dragon Herbs Wild Red Reishi Drops. Dragon Herbs uses only Ganoderma lucidum fruiting bodies – we do not mix species in this product. (If you want mixed mushroom species, see Dragon Herbs 22 Reishis, a proprietary blend of 22 wild mushroom varieties from various remote mountain sources from Mongolia to Tibet to Manchuria to Kunlun and beyond.)

Wild Red Reishi, because it is WILD, possesses more Shen than cultivated varieties of Reishi. Most hot-house Reishi, which is usually made from only the artificially generated mycelia, possesses little Shen, if any. No herb on earth is more capable of supporting the development of Shen than WILD Red Reishi.

Wild Red Reishi is much more difficult to analyze and quantify than cultivated Reishi. The mushrooms grow on different varieties of trees, and grow in different environments on the mountain. This variety is perhaps of special value, but it means that there is no way to standardize the product. Dragon Herbs does mix mushrooms collected from various ecological niches on Changbai Mountain, so that the wildness of the Reishi is accentuated. Furthermore, the mushrooms are of course not all of the same age. Some are “Grandfather Reishi,” some are middle aged, and some are young (though we only use mature Reishi fruiting bodies in our product). This age difference does mean that the chemical constituents in different mushrooms will be different. We, of course, consider this to be a benefit because it expands the range of phytochemicals.

Dragon Herbs Wild Red Reishi Drops is one of the most wonderful herbal products available in the world. It is produced with exacting care to extract both water and alcohol soluble components and to protect the energy and spirit of the mushrooms.

Wild Red Reishi Drops is a very potent 8:1 hydro-ethanolic extract. That means that it takes 8 pounds of these Wild Red Reishi mushrooms to make one gallon of finished extract.

Even if you regularly consume a Duanwood Reishi product such as Duanwood Reishi capsules or Supreme Protector, you owe it to yourself to consume a bottle of Wild Red Reishi from time to time – or to make it part of your regular Reishi regiment.*

Traditional Function: Tonifies Qi and Shen.*

Who can use it? People who want to take Reishi for its Shen benefits.

Concentration: 8:1

Specifications: 2 fl. oz

Ingredients: Wild Changbai Mountain Red Reishi fruiting body.

Other Ingredients: water, alcohol

Usage: 3-12 droppers per day or as directed by your health care practitioner