Dragon Herbs Tribulus 100 capsules

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Dragon Herbs Tribulus is a tonic herb that has been introduced into the world herbal market in a new standardized state. Scientific researchers in Bulgaria have discovered that when Tribulus is organically-grown under certain strict conditions and harvested at a newly discovered, specific time, the herb has an ability to support healthy hormone balance. The above-ground portion of Bulgarian Tribulus has been determined to be an adaptogen. Dragon Herbs only uses Bulgarian-grown and processed Trib

Dragon Herbs Tribulus helps support healthy hormonal balance and has positive effects on a number of fundamental physiological functions. It is useful for those who wish to build lean muscle as well as by those who desire to experience improvement in their sex lives. Bulgarian Tribulus provides support to menopausal women. It may help with hot flashes in otherwise healthy menopausal women. It may also help with the common symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle.

Dragon Herbs Tribulus contains substances of biological significance, including plant saponins,, flavonoids, alkaloids, unsaturated acids, oils, calcium, phosphorus, iron and protein, which individually and in concert, are responsible for its many and varied physiological effects.

The presence and quantities of the pharmacologically important metabolites depend on the parts of the plants used (above ground parts: leaves and fruits and, to a lesser extent, the shoots) and on the conditions of growth, cultivation and harvesting. The following ensures that Dragon Herbs Tribulus delivers the highest possible quality and natural content of active metabolites:

· The use of specific, unique and methods of growing and harvesting Tribulus terrestris in Bulgaria
· Use of only the above ground portions of the plant
· The subsequent handling, and processing in the United States

There are three groups of active phytochemicals in Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris.

1. Dioscin, protodioscin, diosgenin, etc.

This first group has an effect on sexual performance and may promote vigorous sexual health, sexual energy level and strength by increasing the percentage of free testosterone level for men, and effects pregnenolone, progesterone, estrogen, etc. in women.

2. Sterols – beta-sitosterols, stigma, etc.
This second group supports prostate health.

3. Proprietary saponins.
These Tribulus saponins support the immune system.

Tribulus terrestris has played an important role in folk medicine for millennia. The ancient Greeks used it as a general tonic. In India, Tribulus has been used since ancient times for its aphrodisiac properties. Tribulus is widely recommended in Ayurvedic rejuvenative formulations, particularly in the area of promoting sexual health. For all of its therapeutic and adaptogenic effects, the most common cross cultural use of the herb has, nevertheless, been in promoting sexual health for men and women, and for increasing the libido of both sexes.

Until 1985, little was known about the plant in America other than by a small group of scientists, herbalists, and doctors trained in Oriental and Ayurvedic traditions. Even then, little notice was taken of the remarkable aspects of Tribulus terrestris. It is only recently that the adaptogenic and fitness-supporting benefits of Tribulus terrestris were brought to the attention of the athletic and body building community in the United States.

No adverse effects have been noted in any of the clinical trials or human research studies. Toxicity is extremely low in both acute and long term animal studies (based on the animal data, a human would have to consume approximately 100 times the average recommended dose of 750mg per day). There are no contraindications, and no negative effects are presently known to exist when Tribulus terrestris is used as a dietary supplement.

Source Material

Dragon Herbs Tribulus is cultivated and harvested in the environmentally clean area of Topolovgrad, Bulgaria, according to the specific methods developed for a superior quality extraction.

Bulgarian vs. Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris
Dragon Herbs of course loves Chinese herbs. However, Tribulus of the kind used as a tonic only comes from Bulgaria. Bulgaria is Di Tao for Tribulus as a tonic. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris differs significantly from the Tribulus Terrestris extracts from India and China.

Using a special method of harvesting and pharmaceutical preparation, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris has a very high concentration of saponins. Indian and Chinese Tribulus Terrestris do not.

Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris are made from a different part of the plant and is harvested at a different time of the year. The photochemistry of Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris is considerably different from that of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris.

Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris does not have the same physiological functions as Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. At the best, Indian and Chinese Tribulus Terrestris have but a trace of group 1 and group 2 phytochemicals, and contain virtually no Tribulus saponins. The Indian and Chinese producers typically extract for furostanols, which has no equivalent pharmacological effect to the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris.

Furostanols are not the active ingredient used to promote healthy sexual physiology and hormone balance. As they exist in Indian and Chinese Tribulus Terrestris, they are not absorbed and utilized by the body. However, all of the active Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris constituents are readily absorbed and utilized in the body. This explains the radical difference in the effects of Tribulus Terrestris from different sources.

Traditional Function
Adaptogenic, tonifies Kidney and reproductive functions*

Who can use it? Adults

Concentration: powdered Tribulus Terrestris

Specifications: 100 Capsules 500 mg each

Precautions: Use with caution if you are pregnant or lactating.

Ingredients: Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris (whole plant).

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules**, rice powder.

Usage: Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.

**Pullulan caps 100% natural, water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a fermentation process; vegetable origin; non-GMO; no starch, preservatives or chemical modifications; gluten free.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.