Dr. Mercola MSM 60 caps

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SULFUR - A KEY TO VIBRANT SKIN, MUSCLES, AND JOINT HEALTH! As you age, the flexible tissues in your body tend to lose their elasticity, which can lead to sagging and wrinkling skin, less flexible muscles, and less comfortable joints. One of the nutrients they need most for support - sulfur - may be in decreasing supply. It's one of the most abundant minerals in your body, but researchers say its importance may be underestimated, and its essential role in your health unappreciated!*
THE TOP MSM AVAILABLE, PLUS NAC AND R-ALA! Dr. Mercola has sourced the very best MSM ingredient for his sulfur formula - OptiMSM Methylsulfonylmethane, made with a rigorous 4-stage process to ensure consistency and purity. NAC is also included as an antioxidant and support for your body's healthy cleansing. Plus, R-alpha lipoic acid (R-ALA) is not only the preferred form of lipoic acid, but Dr. Mercola's has superior stability and is up to 21 times more bioavailable.*
ENHANCED BY DR. MERCOLA’S CUSTOM ORGANIC SULFUR VEGETABLE BLEND! Naturally-occurring organo-sulfur compounds can be found in certain vegetables. One such group of nutrients, called isothiocyanates, are derived from sulfur-containing compounds found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, and green cabbage. Allicin, another organo-sulfur compound, is the beneficial phytochemical found in garlic. Dr. Mercola's organic vegetable blend offers even more sources of vital sulfur.*
HELP IMPROVE THE PRODUCTION OF SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT GLUTATHIONE IN YOUR BODY! One of the most important roles of sulfur is how it can enhance your glutathione levels. Sulfur synthesizes important metabolic intermediates, such as glutathione - and this antioxidant has a unique role, since it's in every one of your cells. Glutathione seems to have a “master antioxidant” status, by helping all other antioxidants perform at peak levels, so boosting its production is a big health advantage.*
TRUST MERCOLA EXCELLENCE AND COMMITMENT TO TOP QUALITY! When it comes to your health, you should never have to compromise - and Dr. Mercola ensures that you don’t have to! He takes profound care to meticulously choose and formulate supplements that help you optimize your health, by relying on the evidence of scientific research. With Dr. Mercola’s MSM Organic Sulfur Complex, you can add a dynamic new boost to support healthy skin, muscle elasticity, and joint health.*

Suggested Use
Adults, as a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules daily.

Other Ingredients
Capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), silicon dioxide.