Dr. Mercola Blood Pressure Support 30 Caps

Price: AUD $45.20

HELP FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND OVERALL HEALTH --Enjoy all the wellness benefits of this advanced blood pressure support supplement that is designed as an effective vascular health supplement and antioxidant supplement. Supports already healthy cholesterol, circulation, chronic venous sufficiency and an already healthy blood pressure. Research supports grape seed extract and polyphenols ability to support relief for oxidative and metabolic stress.*
BEST POLYPHENOLS SUPPLEMENT -- 300mg grape seed extract capsules contain pure polyphenol nutrients standardized to 90-95%, for optimum performance and benefits. Powerful antioxidant supplement capsules contain bioactive polyphenols certified for enhanced absorption. Superior formulation compared to standard grape seed oil supplements and other grape seed extract capsules, with better and faster absorption due to higher quality and purity of polyphenol ingredients.*
HIGH CONCENTRATION, SUPERIOR BIOAVAILABILITY -- Compare before you buy, other products feature a lower concentration of vital polyphenols, the most important grape seed supplement ingredient. Dr. Mercola’s standardized formulation of 90-95% polyphenols is concentrated and pure and the 300mg strength mega-dose is formulated to improve bioavailability for maximum absorption. Our patented formulation creates smaller, more easily metabolized molecules, for ultimate enhanced absorption.*
FULL SPECTRUM WELLNESS AND HEALTH SUPPORT -- Polyphenols in grape seed extract are linked by health research to support for a wide range of wellness outcomes, including supporting normal inflammation, already healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, and normal immune function.. These grape seed extract capsules provide a different spectrum of nutrients than grape seed oil, with better support for lasting health. This dietary supplement helps naturally cleanse free radical and toxins.*
SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE YOU CAN TRUST -- Dr. Mercola has been providing high quality, natural dietary supplements since 2001. Contains 30 vegetarian-friendly capsules. Contains no animal products, this is an ethical and natural blood pressure support supplement manufactured according to rigorous safety and quality protocols. Grape seed extract capsules are designed to be easy to swallow, with no unpleasant odor or taste. Recommended usage: take 1 capsule daily, prior to meal.

Other Ingredients
Rice bran extract, capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), rice hull.