Bulletproof Omega Krill Complex 120 Cap

Price: AUD $76.50

- Supports Brain Health, Cognition and Memory - Supports a Strong, Healthy Heart - Neutralizes Free Radicals for Healthy Aging - Maintains Healthy Joints Perform Like a well-oiled machine EPA, DHA, and GLA are necessary fatty acids for overall wellness, as well as proper brain and heart function Major components of skin, brain cells, nerve cells, retinas, and more

- Clinically-backed Omega-3 Blend
- Unique blend of Antarctic krill, Norwegian herring roe, Atlantic and Pacific fish oils
- Optimal doses of EPA and DHA for brain power and strong heart support
- Astaxanthin and olive fruit extract for protection against oxidation with bonus heart, skin, and antioxidant benefits

Take one serving first thing in the morning and another before bed with food.

- Krill Oil
- Norwegian Herring Roe Oil
- Wild Fish Oil
- GLA (Gamma-linolenic Acid)
- Astaxanthin And Olive Fruit Extract
- California Lemon