Artaban Purple Oil 50ml

Price: AUD $110.00

Artaban Hemp oils and creams are truly unique. Being Australian grown, biodynamic and organic, solvent free, with eleven other anti-inflammatory oils, herbs, and minerals, maintaining vital Endocannabinoid health. Artaban Hemp oils and creams have a full range or terpenes and flavonoids which enhances their range of full spectrum products.

Artaban creates everything from seed to harvest, manufacture to production. They consider the whole plant roots, leaf, stem, flower and fruit working together in harmony here in the heartlands of the Rainbow Shires Australia. It is important to Artaban that they bring to this world, and therefore we have created their family farm to have as little impact on the environment as possible. By harvesting their own power and water and using biodynamic organic principles ensuring their plants are balanced and vital.

Artaban creates solvent-free, environmentally friendly infusions in organic olive and coconut oil. Their products are blended with other biodynamic and organic plants and minerals each with individually unique and supportive benefits.

- 100% Biodynamic & Organic Hemp oil,
- Australian organic handpicked cold pressed extra virgin olive oil,

Shake well before use. Store away from direct light. Refrigeration not recommended. Recycle 6 months after opening.

Please note – in accordance with Australia Hemp regulations, these products are not to be taken internally and are not for human consumption. We are not able to give medical advice or dosage suggestions.