Dragon Herbs Duanwood Reishi Drops 60ml

Price: AUD $40.70

This product is made from 100% Duanwood™ Reishi***, which studies have shown is the most powerful Reishi in the world from a pharmacological perspective. It is extremely rich in all of the components that make Reishi great. Duanwood Reishi is far more powerful than common hothouse Reishi and Reishi mycelium, the most common sources of raw materials on the American market. “Duanwood” means “original wood.” The Reishi is grown on logs cut wild from the forest.

Ingredients: Duanwood Reishi fruiting body, water, alcohol
Duanwood Reishi is indeed "the great protector," protecting us on every level – physically, immunologically, mentally, and spiritually. It helps us adapt to the world and provides additional power for us to achieve a superior level of life. When we are so protected and so provided for, we can achieve things that otherwise would be impossible. That is why Duanwood Reishi™ has been called the "herb of good fortune."