Dr. Mercola Melatonin Sleep Support 25ml

Price: AUD $26.95

If you're one of the many who experience occasional sleeplessness – either finding it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep – you’ll be pleased to discover this solution that doesn’t involve habit-forming and dangerous drugs.

Melatonin Sleep Support* is an innovative spray that provides rapid delivery of top sleep-promoting ingredients to help:

Increase your feelings of sleepiness*
Calm your mind and fall asleep more quickly*
Enhance your overall sleep quality*
Improve your morning alertness*
Reduce your daytime fatigue*
Much more than a regular melatonin supplement, Melatonin Sleep Support* delivers the ideal dose of melatonin plus important sleep-promoting nutrients and our Proprietary Neuro and Extract Blends for calming mind and body.*

Our newly enhanced formula now contains 5-HTP to help raise serotonin levels in your brain for promoting improved sleep and an upbeat mood.*

Don't suffer through another sleepless and restless night