Bare Blends Peruvian Maca 250g

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ENERGY BOOSTING SUPERFOOD POWDER. Add Bare Blends' energy boosting, Organic Maca Powder to juices, recipes or smoothies for a potent natural high! An adaptogen thought to have numerous libido enhancing properties, along with a full spectrum of phyto-chemicals, use this Incan superfood responsibly

Bare Blends' Maca root is a 100% certified organic maca powder from a grower association of the Pumpush people in Junin, Peru. Ours is a high-altitude maca powder grown at over four thousand meters by farmers with ancestral knowledge of the plant and its cultivation.

As an integral nutrition source in the area it is treated with sacred respect and grown accordingly. With a bounty of potent alkaloids and its high nutrient and mineral content, we challenge you to put this powerful root to the test.

- Potent natural sexual activator
- Fight fatigue and tiredness
- Stimulate the hormonal system
- Help to support the Immune System
- May help to reduce symptoms of menopause
- 60+ phyto-chemicals and potent alkaloids that may enhance cognitive function and information retention
- May reduce age related bone density degradation through phyto-estrogen blocking capabilities

Regular Maca consumption has a multitude of studied benefits for both men and women including relief from menopause symptoms, enhanced sexual desire, stronger erectile function, increased fertility and a reduction in prostrate risk.

Components found in Maca powder protect cells from oxidative stress and are capable of scavenging free radicals from the body. MTCA or 1-methyltetrahydro-beta-carboline-3-carboxylic acid, a constitutent of Maca has a higher anti-oxidant factor than Vitamin E.
Maca root has also been shown to increase bone density by reducing phyto-estrogenic compounds within the body.

Maca powder is a nutritional powerhouse with between 10-15% protein, 16 minerals, 7 vitamins and 19 amino acids in composition with a rich assortment of plant tannins, saponins and alkaloids, isothiocynates and glucosinates. It acts as an Adaptogen in the body that will aid hormonal balancing whilst improving tolerance to glucose spikes

Add to your favourite smoothie or juice recipe. It has a butterscotch like flavour that pairs perfectly with Cacao. Or try mixed with a Bare Greens for a super green juice!

In The Bare Flask or recycle an old jar.
Add 5g to 250ml of your choice of milk or water in The Bare Flask.
Shake & Enjoy!

In a jar or shaker! We recycle all of our jars to use as shakers.
Combine 3 tablespoons (30g) of this delicious all natural, Peruvian Superfood with 250ml of your choice of milk and your favourite nuts, seeds or frozen fruit.
Blend & Enjoy!